Located on Maine's Bold Coast, Honey Drip Farm provides a peaceful wilderness oasis for travelers looking to explore Maine's natural beauty and adventure without impacting the environment.

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All of the skin care and hair care products available at Honey Drip Farm are handmade in small batches using completely natural ingredients.  Browse full size versions of our all natural toiletries for sale here.

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Since 1993


Honey Drip Farm is our wilderness oasis on Maine's bold coast.  Our 16.5 acres are loaded with beautiful perches in the midst of rolling hills, mossy forest floor, and rocky coastline.

Our goal is to live harmoniously within our natural environment, limiting human impact on our surroundings.  Contact us to explore Maine's coast from our location, and follow our journey as we work to develop comfort and luxury in an environmentally sustainable way.  We'd love your feedback.

We'll be writing about our journey on this site, and we're happy to share what we are learning in the process.  Join us!


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Contact us to stay at Honey Drip Farm by calling us at Maine Honey.  +1 (833) ME HONEY (63 46639)